POLIMIT - UV Polimer Panel Tile
Polimit UV Polimer Tile Application Area
All Villas , Apartment & Mountain Houses
Terraces,Shelters, Prefabricated Houses and all buildings
Vault & Reverse vault  type roof systems
Schools,Hospitals and Social Facilities.
Especially at the seaside region with high humidity conditions

It would not be affected by atmospheric conditions.
8 times lighter than clay tile.
Moisture &Water proof.
Excellent resistance against to oxidation,acid&acid vapors.
B-1 class fire resistance.
Snow goes missing due from polymer glossy surface.
Good sound insulation thunderstorm & hail.
Excellent insulation with polymer structure.
Antibacterial, hygienic ,dirt-resistance and to keep cleanliness with lotus effect.
Eco-friendly with %100 recycling material content.
High Impact Resistance.
It's excellent for high-pitch roof with special accessories.
Technical Specifications
Polimit UV Polimer Tile Features
Ease of Application , Economical , Lightweight
High Technology Product
2 Year Warranty
Flexible , Hard Broken Material
Loong-lived against  to Solar Ultraviolet Light
Fire Resistance Class  B-1
Snow goes missing due from polymer glossy surface.