BARDOLINE shingles ensure perfect waterproofing on your roof while bringing an impressive look.


Perfect Waterproofing
BARDOLINE’s patched and flexible construction prevents cracking during extreme variations and it is long-lasting.
Patched texture and attractive choice of colors make BARDOLINE an aesthetic material to use.
Easy to Apply
BARDOLINE is easily applicable on all types of roofs including surfaces which are very difficult or even impossible to cover with other materials.

BARDOLINE provides many colors and different models for you to choose for your roof.

BARDOLINE provides complete watertightness on every kind of roof. Waterproofing comes with a stylish look where your roofs seem so different from the others.
BARDOLINE, being both lightweight, flexible and durable, is a product that is easy to apply on all kinds of roofs.

BARDOLINE has a wide range of excellent shape and colour options to create waterproof and reliable roofs.

System BARDOLINE is a complete waterproofing system where application is easy and the results are very satisfactory. Durability makes the roof last for a lifetime with almost no maintenance.

Product benefits
High quality
Easy to apply
Excellent options

Easy to handle
BARDOLINE is easily applicable on all  types of roofs including surfaces as it is a flexible material. The installation is easy and fast, your roof will quickly offer a reliable protection, in case of new building or renovation. BARDOLINE bituminous shingle is recognized as one of the leading lightweight roofing systems throught the world, creating an attractive traditional roof finish, while being easy to fix and handle. These qualities allow designers to create exciting and original roofing configurations on a wide range of project.
Aesthetical and long lasting!
BARDOLINE is an aesthetic solution with its patched texture and attractive choice of colors.
It is waterproof, its patched and flexible construction prevents from cracking during extreme temperature variations. As a consequence, it is a long lasting roofing material which will protect nicely your building. 
Easily adaptable to any substructure
BARDOLINE shingles can be applied by fixing with nail or torching on. When applied with the use of nails, special, galvanized large-headed BARDOLINE nails are used. The wooden substructure can be battens with smooth surface, preferably plained, as OSB (oriented Strand Board) or plywood.
BARDOLINE shingles are manufactured and tested according to EN 544 and are CE marked.