ONDUVILLA is a bitumen based roofing tile. It's a complete, aesthetic and unique roofing solution for your roof.
Sustainable Roofing System
With its high quality, ONDUVILLA system meets the international standards related to environment and sustainability. For more information
Enjoy the Mediterranean-style look. Choose from a selection of attractive colors and shades. Refine your roof installation with our newly designed accessories.
Sealsmart Technology
The elasticity of ONDUVILLA composite material allows it to shrink around each fastener, creating a leak-resistant barrier. The waterproofing is secured thanks to the double-embossment technology at the overlaps.
Achieve long-lasting watertightness and a lifetime warranty against corrosion.
Quick and Easy to Fix
Install the tiles on continuous deck. Simply nail the tiles. No glue needed – just a hammer, nails and cutter will do it. Install your roof quickly with little effort.
At just 4kg/m², they are easy to transport and handle.
ONDUVILLA consists of about 50% recycled material, a best-in-class product!

ONDUVILLA is a roofing material that is light and easy to install. It provides a very elegant appearance to all types of roofs.

On top of its performance and its light weight, ONDUVILLA has three appealing color option which look like Mediterranean tiles! The perfect solution for renovation or new buildings.

Thanks to its unique material, ONDUVILLA attenuates rain noises. Ideal to keep animals quiet!
For new buildings or renovations, a roof has to be fastly installed and reliable not to disturb the activity inside the building. ONDUVILLA is the perfect roof solution, combining ease of installation and long lasting waterproofing.

Roof is a large and visible part of a commercial building or a resort. A nice looking solution on the roof will tease everyone and will differentiate the premises from others with ONDUVILLA.
Product benefits
Easy installation
Flexible and watertight
Safe overlaps
Resistant against stepping
Width : 107 cm
Length: 40 cm
Net coverage per tile: 0,312 m²
Thickness: 3 mm
Number of corrugations: 6
Corrugation height: 3,8 cm
Weight / m²: 4 kg
Weight per tile: 1,27 kg
Carbon footprint : 4kg eq CO2/m
Width x Length: 110 x 125 cm
Height: 160 cm
Number of bundles / pallet: 81
Weight: 1078 kg
Net sqm / pallet: 252,72
Number of tiles: 10
Weight: 12,7 kg
Net sqm: 3,12
Ride the wave of perfect waterproofing!
A solution of the future, ONDUVILLA gives you an ideal alternative to concrete and clay tiles, as well as metallic tiles and shingles.
They’re watertight, reliable and eco-friendly.
Thanks to thermal comfort and acoustic performance, life goes on even during extreme heat or rain.
Enjoy a unique and complete system at a competitive price.
Protect your building faster thanks to rapid installation and stand out in your neighborhood while enhancing the perceived value of your house!
Onduline has achieved a low carbon footprint and recycles about 200,000 tons of material each year. Additionally,ONDUVILLA materials are composed of recycled fibers and natural pigments are used for coloration.
Like all Onduline products, ONDUVILLA contains no asbestos. On top of this, because of ONDUVILLA’s lightweight which is 4 kilograms per squaremeter, transportation is optimized and the structure needed is a lighter one.
This lightweight function makes ONDUVILLA a roofer friendly product which is easy to handle and carry. ONDUVILLA contributes to meet the LEED requirements.
Ride the wave of reliability!
Backed by exclusive SealSmart™ technology, the elasticity of ONDUVILLA’s composite material allows it to shrink firmly around each nail, creating a permanent leak-resistant barrier.
On the other hand, waterproofing is secured due to double-embossment technology at the overlaps.
The material is also resistant to the types of corrosion related cracking that’s common with metallic roofing tiles.
As a testimony to our confidence in ONDUVILLA reliability, these tiles come with a 10-years waterproof guarantee plus a lifetime guarantee against corrosion!
Developed by the world leader in composite roofing sheets, with a powerful global presence in more than 100 countries, ONDUVILLA solutions are ISO 9001-certified and comply with the strictest standards and regulations.