Knauf Fire Resistant Gypsum Boards (FR) are gypsum wallboards specially designed to offer superior fire resistance performance when used in drywall partitions, shaftwalls, ceilings and lining systems.
Fire-resistant gypsum plasterboards of KNAUF (GKLO) are represented by rectangular material which consists of two layers of a special cardboard with a layer from the plaster test with the reinforcing additives, and at the same time lateral edges of a strip by edges of a cardboard (a front layer).
Fire-resistant boards (GKLO) are issued with different types of edges. The main of them: a straight line, narrowed, semicircular and narrowed from the face layer.
To form the core, it is applied a plaster knitting of G4 brands in accordance with GOST 125-79.
Other major component of fire-resistant KNAUF plasterboards is the facing cardboard which couples with the core, which is provided due to application of the gluing additives. The cardboard carries out a role as the reinforcing framework, and a fine basis for putting any finishing building material (plaster, wall-paper, paint, a ceramic tile, etc.). On the physical and hygienic properties gypsum cardboard is ideally suited for premises.
Different from usual KNAUF-boards is the special reinforcing additives in core material.
Fire-resistant KNAUF boards (GKLO) are issued according to GOST 6266-97 and meet the German standards (DIN 18 180).

At each of  KNAUF fire-resistant plasterboards there is a symbol which consists from: 
alphabetic reference of a type of a board;
designations of group of a board;
designations like longitudinal edges of a board;
the figures designating the nominal length, width and thickness of a board in millimeters;
designations of the standard.
An example for identification number of a usual gypsum plasterboard of group A, with narrowed edges, 2500 mm long, 1200 mm wide and 12,5 mm thick:
GOST 6266-97 GKL-A-UK-2500h1200h12,5.

It is applied in the arrangement of interroom partitions, false ceilings, facing of walls and facilities with adequate level of fire humidity. 
Process of application includes the following stages of works.
  • Marking of design provision of a design from fire-resistant KNAUF plasterboard (GKLO).
  • Installation of a frame from KNAUF-profile for fastening fire-resistant KNAUF- plasterboard (GKLO).
  • Installation and fixing fire-resistant KNAUF plasterboard (GKLO) on a frame.
  • Seal of seams between KNAUF fire-resistant plasterboard (GKLO) and deepenings from screws used why utilizing KNAUF-Fugen.
  • Priming of a surface before decorative works
Before installing KNAUF fire-resistant plasterboard (GKLO), it has to pass obligatory acclimatization (adaptation) indoors.
Face edges of KNAUF fire-resistant plasterboards (GKLO) have a rectangular shape, and seams of it have to be chamfered (approximately on 1/3 thickness of each board).
Lightweight constructions
 Easy, fast and dry application 
Good sound insulation performance 
High fire protection performance 
Contains glass fibre additives to maintain the integrity of board for longer time periods than standard boards when exposed to fire 
A material that breathes and balances room climate and humidity levels 
Environmental friendly 
Limitless design options
Possess the increased fire resistance.
Considerably increases labor productivity.
The opportunity of realization is unlimited as envisioned, having multiple architectural concepts, including the arrangement of curvilinear surfaces
The general economy on costs of construction due to simplification of a design of the building 
Fire-resistant KNAUF plasterboards (GKLO) possess ability to breathe, that is to absorb excess moisture and to allocate it in environment at a shortcoming.
Material does not contain toxic components and has the acidity similar to acidity of human skin.
Conforms to the strict international standards.
Technical specifications
• cardboard color on the front / on the back side: pink / gray
• marking color: red
• Edge type: semicircular thinned edge
• Dimensions: 2500x1200x12,5 mm
• Mass: 30.6 kg
• Packaging: pack of 50 boards (150m2)

Nominal geometrical dimensions Knauf boards
• Length: from 2000 to 4000 mm
• Width: 600 1200 mm
• Thickness: 6.5; 8; 9.5; 12.5; 14; 16 mm

Fire-technical characteristics
Ffire-resistant plasterboards (GKLO) are allotted between groups based on the specific properties: 
G1 (flammability in accordance with GOST 30244);
B3 (inflammability in accordance with GOST 30402); 
D1 (smoke-generating ability in accordance with GOST 12.1.044);
T1 (toxicity in accordance with GOST 12.1.044).