Knauf metal directing ceiling profile (DC) is manufactured in accordance with TU 1121-012-04001508-2011 standard and is a lengthy element forrmed of a thin steel strip by cold rolling on modern forming equipment.
It serves as a directing element of Knauf profiles CP 60/27 when installing a suspended ceiling frame P113 and S623 lining. Suitable for suspended ceilings frames, facings and other designs on the basis of KNAUF-sheets, KNAUF supersheets and other materials of Knauf.

The walls are made of profiles with longitudinal corrugation, giving profiles necessary rigidity.
The profile of the wall has holes with a diameter of 8 mm, designed for mounting dowels, which significantly facilitates the process of fixing the profile to the carrier substrate.
All Knauf profile made of stainless steel 0.6 mm thick, thus it stands out for the strong characteristics comparing to the profiles of other manufacturers.

Technical specifications
Cross-section: 28x27 mm
Length: 3000 mm
Packaging: pack of 72 m.