The rack-mount profile for gypsum cardboard Knauf is made according to TU 1121-004-04001508-2011 standards and represents the lengthy element executed by method of cold rolling on the modern equipment from a thin steel tape. 

It has a C-shaped form and serves as vertical racks of the frameworks intended for partitions and facings on a basis both Knauf-listov, and Knauf-superlistov. The rack-mount profile together with the directing profile corresponding on a standard size is mounted.
The size of a wall of the RP rofile provides dense joining of shelves with a directing profile without any gaps and deformations.
The arrangement of corrugations on the shelf of a profile - one in the center and two at the edges at distance of 10 mm from central - considerably facilitates work of the master. Longitudinal corrugations on the shelf of the RP-profile gives it additional rigidity. The central corrugation is a reference point both at installation of a framework, and at the installation or Knauf-sheets and Knauf-supersheets. It It is especially important at the device of multilayered coverings.

Application process
It is usually used together with the directing profile of same standard size and type.

Places of cuts of galvanized profiles do not need additional protection against corrosion.
Installation of sheets needs to be made in one direction from a wall of rack-mount profiles. Thanks to it screws will not unbend inside the shelf of a profile when fastening the appropriate sheet. 

Provides a tight docking without any gaps and deformation of the shelves of the profile
The size of the shelf of rack-mount Knauf profile (50 mm) facilitates the foreman to install the screws in the process of fixing plasterboard sheets, especially in two-layer plating, since the probability of hitting the shelves by screw profile is practically nonexistent.
The advantage RP Knauf profile also involves longitudinal profile grooves on a shelf, which increase its stiffness; moreover, the central groove and is a reference point as in an accurate assembly and installation of gypsum boards.
In the wall, there are two holes with a diameter of 33 mm at each end of the profile, which allows to make installation of utilities within the walls and linings.
Technical specifications
• Cross-section: 50x50; 75x50; 100x50 mm
• Length: 3000; 3500; 4000 mm
• Packaging: pack, 36 m