The directing metal Knauf profile (DP) is manufactured in accordance with TU 1121-012-04001508-2011 standards and is a lengthy element formed of thin steel strip by cold rolling on modern forming equipment.
Knauf metal profiles are U-shaped and serve as directing elements to mount the profiles, as well as the jumper device between frames in partitions and facings.
It is used for interior partitions, facings and other designs on the basis of KNAUF-sheets (gypsum plasterboards), Knauf super-sheets and other materials of Knauf. As a rule, it serves as a directingling element the rack profile of corresponding dimensions.
Application process
According to the type and size are properly paired with DP.
Places of cutting in galvanized profiles do not need a protection from corrosion.
Directinging metal profiles are made with pre-holes of 8 mm diameter in the wall profile, designed for mounting dowels, which significantly facilitates the process of fixing the profile to the carrier substrate.
If necessary, additional holes for dowels can be drilled using a drill
During installation of various designs, increased shelf width of Knauf Directinging Prodifle (40 mm), considerably facilitates the installation of fixing screws.
The entire Knauf profile is made of stainless steel with 0.6 mm thickness, thus it stands out for strong characteristics comparing to the profiles of other manufacturers.
Technical specifications
• Cross-section: 50x40; 75x40; 100x40 mm
• Length: 3000 mm
• Packaging: pack of 36 pcs