Duramit Accessories

Duramit Accessories









Duramit PVC Roof Panel provides a complete system for everything related to the roof. All accessories required for professional roof application starting from top ridge, finishing stop, corner, side finishing stop, L junction to stream elements are all compatible and are available in 5 colors.

1 - Ridge Unit

2 - Wall Connector

3 - 3-way Ridge (160 degree angle)

4 - 3-way Ridge (120 degree angle)

5 - Headwall Flashing

6 - Diagonal Ridge

7 - Terminal Ridge

8 - Terminal Diagonal Ridge

9 - L shape Barge Board

Technical Specifications

Ridge Unit 

Wall Connector 

3-way Ridge (160 degree angle) 

3-way Ridge (120 degree angle) 

Headwall Flashing 

Diagonal Ridge 

Terminal Ridge 

Terminal Diagonal Ridge 

L shape Barge Board